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Raimazon~The search of True Hero~

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Raimazon~The search of True Hero~

Post  Fuko on Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:52 am

I love RPing so I open a new RP first hehehe. . .(Always become the first in this thing don't know why)
Here's the introduction:

Long ago, the war had been broke between the Goddes of Light and the God of Darkness in a world called Raimazon, the world that had been given to them by it's real owner, the dark creature.
A princess that had been exiled from her own kingdom, and world, forced to come back and restore the peace between the two God and the world it self. And so she finaly restore the balance and save the world.
But now. . ., the world is near its end again.
The real owner of the world feel sick with the God, the Goddes after they watch the entire war. They think that the God and Goddes can no longer control the world, and they want to take back the world for them only.
The God and Goddes was worried sick about it and tell their son and daughter to get a real and true hero from theother world. . .
So now it's your own choice, weather you want to help them or not. The wheel had been rotating now. The seven priest had open a gate to the other world and pray, that the hero will come and and save their world again.

Fuu the shadow:
Hey guys It's me Fuu, fuko, or Yuu or whatever you want to call me, but here maybe I'll become the shadow! Very Happy
Okay you already know it's me right hehehe!
This is a new RP for you guys(not me I'm not playing I'm going to watch you play )
So this is the game tutorial:

1. Everyone who want to join this RP should PM me, and tell me weather they want to become the hero or part of the real owner of the world.

The real owner or the dark creature:
A dark creature that you used to see in a fairytale book, comic, or movie, it can be a vampire, werewolf, witch, demon, mermaid, etc (I'll aprove weather your dark creature can enter the RP or not).

The Hero:

It's you a normal you. . .,human I mean, well you don't have to use your own name, but it still you. You live in our normal world (earth), but when the time come, a priest will come and chalenge you to finish an ultimate quest, saving their world.

2. When you come to the new world as a hero, your priest will blessed you with one from two blessed, a blessed of alchemiten, or a blessed of knightria. And you have to go to school (not real school, but in this school you'll learn your own spell (via PM, I'll aproved weather the spell okay or not, but I'll give you some default spell), and meet your friend (the other one who decide to play as hero too)). And after that you're ready to start the game. hehehe
For the dark creature, you have to join the school too (just to get touch with the hero and other dark creature) but your only blessed is a black mage, and you can't decide your own spell, it's default, I'll send it via PM.
Both player will be graduate from the school in a week, so the chitchat between the character in this RP in their school is about graduation.
3. When you graduate it's mean you ready to play.
Let me introduce to you the Five Gods and The seven Priests that will help you in this game.
The Gods:
1. Troj, The God of Darkness
This man shall remind you when you make a mistake and when you done three mistake you'll be banned from the RP, and have to start the RP as a brand new character.
2. Ylisfar, The Goddes of Light
This woman is your guardian Goddes, when you done three good deed you'll be granted a present. This Goddes will also revive you from death when you were killed by the dark creature or hero(you can't revive your own self kay hehehehe, it's her work).
3. Cirdaris, The Guardian God of Cirdaris Kingdom When you get to apear in the world as Hero,Cirdaris will be your Guardian, he'll there to prepare your house, and work for you, if you be friend with him, he'll give you a present too.
This guy will take care of you weather you've been naughty, he'll not banned you from the RP but six warning from him means one warning from Troj so becarefull.
4. Higashir, The Guardian God of Higashir Kingdom
Well, when you apear in the world as a dark creature he'll be your guardian. His work is the same as Cirdaris.
5. Memoria, The Guardian God of Memoria Kingdom
This is a special God, done what he wish he'll grant you your wish, and even invite you to his Kingdom where the Queen and King will wellcome you and give you a lot of item from their world for free(it'll given via PM).
Now let me introduce you the son and daughter of Troj and Ylisfar:
The seven Priest:
1. Baby Blue (BB), the water priestess
When you help her with her task, she'll give you a new weapon for hero, and for dark creature, your work is snatch it from her by answering the riddle she gave.
2. Fiyero Ziyero (Fizi), the fire priest
He's actualy your principal in the school. Answer all his question if you want a new weapon.
3. Earthy Landrite (Earth), the earth priestess
Well. . ., finish her task to get a new weapon and Armor, well that's combo.
4. Chrone Toki (Chrone), the time priest
He'll only give you your new weapon when you pay for it, and only the higher price hehehe
5. Akarina Devina (Akari), the light priest
this is the queen of the dark creature, she's the wive of the King of Demon Noir. She might look like a tenth years old kid though.
Anyway, make her happy to get the new weapon.
6. Kuoro Diamond (Diamond), the dark priest
he'll give you your new weapon when you show him all the five weapon you get from theother priest.
7. Fuoco Breezy (Ezzy), the wind priest
he'll give you a dragon (if you travel by group) or a flying shoe(if you wandering alone), But first of course you have to answer his brain teaser. He'll also give you a brand new weapon and armor.
It won't be hard realy!

4. Alright! Not like other RP this RP has it's own winner. . ., hehehe. When you get all the seven weapon it's mean you're the winner! And for a whole week you'll known as a true hero, or if you're a dark creature, You'll known as the Greatest, you'll get your price, and so on, but it's only for a week, and the power of each all character will be increased and you have to fight the other again, and look for the seven priest to upgrade your weapon and armor again.

Well, I'll wait for the player then. PM me soon kay. . ., please. .. realy please Crying or Very sad !

If none of you intrested with this RP and no one registered in a whole week, I think I'll closed this RP too.

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