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Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

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Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

Post  Fuko on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:06 pm

One and what I always do in some forum is submitting my novel. Well hope you enjoy it!
Anyway for information, I'll try to explain some uncommon stuff in my work.
1#Universitas Indonesia(University of Indonesia), it's the biggest and most wanted college in my country(Indonesia of course), it's quite something if you can enter it hehehe.
2#Jakarta--the capital city of Indonesia also known as the biggest city too. Universitas Indonesia is also stated here
3#Bandung--well it's a city, that most likely like Harajuku or Shibuya in Japan. You can buy almost everything in this city. It placed west from Jakarta.
4#Ciwidey--it's a kinda big forest where you can camp, or only enjoying the view, it's placed not far from Bandung. And it also well known since it has a very nice hot spring here. I used to play there when I'm still a children.
5# Ciliwung river--err. . ., I think this is the most dirtiest river I ever see. hehehe, It's placed in Jakarta, and well, it so dirty that all people in Indonesia know this river.

Yorisou you ni daite kuretaKizukeba hitori de wa nakatta Kaze no hi mo Ame no hi mo[when it looked like my heart would overflow with tears if i noticed, I was never alone even on the windy days even on the rainy days] “And I see for one fleeting moment A paradise under the sun I drift away and I make my way back to you” Wasurenaide[I won't forget] (Anata ga iru Kagiri~World to Believe in~ by Celine Dion and Yuna Ito)

Raimazon: The Oath of the Exiled

The Beginning

“So, what do you think about him?” Fuu asked Flo who was staring at a young man dancing in front of the
“So cute...,” Flo replied with dreamy face before suddenly turned to Fuu, annoyed, “Why do you ask me? You should have known what my answer would be!” Flo grumbled. Fuu could see pink
blushes on the cheeks of her best friend.

Listening to Flo, Fuu giggles. She had already known that Flo was head over heel in love with Damien—the boy they were looking at—since the first time they met during university
orientation three months ago. They were coming to the event only because Flo wanted to flirt with that guy.

Nevertheless, as we used to read, love story were not supposed to go on without victim, and in this case, the victim is Fuu. She unwillingly followed this super duper mega ultra boring and
useless camping activity only to accompany her friend for solidarity.

Well, it’s true that Flo had paid for this entire stupid event, but Fuu still lost her precious time and energy.
This was also a mere match-making event and there was nothing interesting here, for example: canoeing for couple (which very stupid for amateurs), flying fox for couple (It might be fun slone, but… if for couple… oh my god… Wasn’t boy’s body smell bad! Why would people let him stick on them? No way! It’s dangerous
anyway…), balloon dance (POI! What year was this??), and hell lot more events for couple.

If this were a normal camping, Fuu wouldn’t feel so bad to be here. The match-making thing was the only
problem. C’mon, there’s no use of it! Fuu was still seventeen, yet she had been a college student in Medical Faculty at Universitas Indonesia
(Not because she’s a genius, she entered elementary school at five so it’s just
normal.) She did not have time for match-making event and any other similar activity. The other participants were also already nineteen or older, so they wanted to find their soul mate ASAP. But for Fuu, such thing was very unimportant, so… who cares? Got a couple or not, whatever!

While she was daydreaming, the crazed Flo patted Fuu’s shoulder, only to ask another petty question, “Hey,
Fuu, what do you think? Will Damien ask me?”

“How can I know?” scolded Fuu,
“Keep staring at him! Maybe you are lucky and he will be caught by your charm!”

Fuu was only babbling random words, but Flo took them seriously. She was currently staring at Damien as if
she was going to eat him (Even though she was not wearing on any charm now.)

The only reason for Flo to stay there was because it was Damien’s turn to dance. Every night, several men are chosen to dance around the bonfire and chose one girl to dance with them in
turn. Flo had always wished that Damien would choose her as his couple and every wish were supposed to come true. Don’t mention Fuu, she was FORCED to be there.

Fuu herself wanted to go to sleep. Flo had made her could not enjoy good slumber for two nights. If Flo
hadn’t been her friend, she would have been reading comic, chatting, listening to music while having snack, or at least reading the dictate book that was as thick as one’s sin list. The last thing she would ever wish for was to be in that camping site.

“Fuu! Damien is looking at us!”
said Flo excitedly.
“So?” said Fuu seemed bored.
“Oh, come on, Fuu, if he’s looking at us, it means that we’ve got the chance to dance with him, right?”
“We?” Fuu turned to Flo, “Do not involve me! I’m not interested.” Fuu had never been that rude to Flo before, but it would be okay occasionally.
“Oh, Fuu, don’t be angry!” said Flo as she hit Fuu’s back, “You’ll wait for me, won’t you?”
“Hem, massage more to the right, it will feel better,” Fuu babbled.
“How dare you!” Flo hit Fuu’sforehead.
“Ouch,” Fuu rubbed her aching forehead.
“Fuu! Fuu! There it starts!”

Fuu wasn’t interested at all. What’s good from listening girls hysterical scream only because their crush
asking them to the dance? It’s so boring. Flo cared less about the others; all she was thinking about was how to impress Damien. Suddenly, the two girls found that Damien was walking towards them.
“Flo, Damien’s coming from three o’clock direction,” said Fuu.
Flo was trying to ignoring Damien, she was sure that the appealing trick would do just fine for her crush, but Fuu closely examine that guy from head to feet. If she were to give a guy points from 10 to 100, Damien only scored 70. Not bad, but there’s nothing special.

Fuu wasn’t aware that Damien was holding out his hand towards her, “May I?” he asked.
“Flo, your prince had picked you up, don’t stay up too late, okay. I’m tired of waiting!” Fuu thought Damien was asking Flo since she cared less about that boy. Flo took Fuu’s words seriously. Well, she really though that Damien was asking her out since she was sitting by Fuu’s side. Her eyes glimmered as she took Damien’s hand, “I didn’t expect it to be this way! I’m so happy, let’s go straight near the bonfire!” Flo pulled
Damien who was still puzzled in mind.

Fuu blankly stared at the couple, “Life is blank,” she though as she turned her head to the dark, starless sky. Her life had been so pointless until now, nothing special. She somehow thought that she could have been an android whose mind and life had been programmed...


“Fuu! Are you going back straight to Jakarta or you’ll stay and go for Bandung city tour?” asked
Flo as she folded her clothes into her suitcase.
“I guess I’ll wander around here, it has been a long way to Ciwidey, why don’t we relax a bit?” Fuu zipped up her bag.
“You’re right, that’s too bad. I need to be back to Jakarta soon...,” Flo sighed.
“Why? The holiday isn’t over yet, we still have lot of time.”
“I need to attend my sister’s wedding tomorrow. I’m needed for the preparation today,” Flo emotionally zipped up her suitcase.
“Oh, my! Then why are you still here? You should be back soon!”
“But how will you get back?”
“Don’t worry. Just leave me at Bandung. I’ll find my way back to Jakarta.”
“Okay then.” Flo said as she got into her car and as Fuu got in to she started the car and leave the camp area.

“Hey, what about last night?” Fuu teased Flo while they're in the car.
“Oh, yeah! Last night! That Damien...,” Flo seemed angry, “He was a real jerk! He simply left me alone
after the dance although I’d told him that I had something to tell! His face
might be good, but he’s so rude to me during the dance! He got me ill feel now...,” Flo’s words resembled the flow of Ciliwung river, fast and fluent, but dirty. Her emotion wasn’t quite stable at that time. She emotionally pressed the gas pedal and moved her car with high speed without looking around.
“Flo! Beware!” Fuu screamed. They nearly struck a tree. Flo turned her steering wheel as soon as possible and hit the break pedal to stop the car. The sudden reaction made the car become unstable and another high-speed car struck the two girls without warning.

Everything seemed dark for a moment. Flo slowly opened her eyes. She felt severe pain on her head as red, sticky stuff flew down through it. Flo turned to the seat beside her; there was
nobody there.

“Fuu? Where are you? Fuu!”


“Fuu..., Fuoco Callista...,”
Fuu heard a woman’s soft voice calling out her name.
“Are you okay? Open youreyes...”

Fuu opened her eyes and found herself in a place she did not recognize. There wasn’t any broken window and she could not find her friend Flo by her side. She was not even in a car on the
way to Bandung. The forest of Ciwidey had changed into subtropical
forest abroad.

“Fuoco Callista, answer me!” ordered the voice.

Fuu turned back and faced a gigantic oak tree. She was stunned for the moment. She had never seen such big and strong tree before.

“I’m waiting for your reply, Fuoco Callista...,” suddenly, a woman appeared from among the giant tree’s
roots. She sat on one of the root.

“Who are you?” Fuu asked the woman as she stepped back from the tree.

“I am Ylisfar, don’t you remember me?” the woman got nothing but shaking head from Fuu. Ylisfar sighed, “Well, you might not remember. You were just two weeks old when we last met. You were
a happy baby girl at that time; your parents deserved your birth...”

“Do you know my parents?” askedFuu, curious.

Ylisfar laughed, “Of course! I am the one who sent them to this world!”

Fuu could not understand what the woman said to her, “What do you mean by sending my parents to this world? Do you mean that this is heaven and you are the god of death? How come you are so

Ylisfar laughed harder. Fuu had misunderstood her, “This is not heaven, my child, and I’m not a god of death. This is the Seri World, the world where you had been living in, but your
parents came from the Parallel World—The Raimazon—where you originated from!”

What the hell this lady is talking about? Is she crazy or what? Fuu thought. Seri? Parallel? Is she
talking about electric circuit in physics? Very strange.

Ylisfar seemed to understand Fuu’s confusion. She patted Fuu’s shoulder and gently spoke to her, “I mean,
you do not belong to this world. You are Fuoco Callista Adorabilis, the crown princess of the Kingdom
of Memoria in Raimazon, and you are the one who would save that world from destruction!”

Fuu’s mouth formed a perfect o, “Wait, Who I am? Princess of Memoria? You must have got the wrong person. Who are you actually? Are you a demon, angel, or ghost?”

Ylisfar laughed again, “I am me! Well, you can say that I am your guardian goddess or whatever you like!”

Fuu shook her head. She could not believe any word from Ylisfar, “I’m sorry, I’m not the one you are looking for. I am an ordinary human from earth, born and live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I can show you my birth certificate! What makes you say that I come from another world?” Fuu was very annoyed since Ylisfar had been laughing at her.

“Fuu,” Ylisfar tried not to laugh, “You are funnier than you were as a baby, now you can say strange
words... I cannot be mistaken. You are the princess of Memoria, daughter of His Highness Praemico Adorabilis and Her Highness Fayeth Callista. Am I right?” Ylisfar seemed very sure of everything.

“Where do you get my parent's names?”

“Didn’t I tell you before? I helped them to be able to come to this world! By the way, I was the one who
christened you!” Ylisfar seemed very proud of what she was saying, and then she continued, “Oh, I haven’t given you the special blessing.”

“So you gave me my name?”

“Yes! King Praemico and Queen Fayeth were my special friends and they allowed me to name their only daughter! When Memoria was in chaos, I sent them here, set new identity, and gave them wealth
so that they would be able to live normally in this world. I am also the one who created your birth certificate!”

Fuu was puzzled. Nothing made sense. Her parents were king, queen, and her being a princess from another world, what nonsense!

“You must be wrong! Your king and queen friends might only happened to have the same names as my parents’! I won’t believe you!”

“I’m telling the truth, Fuu... You cannot understand it because your memory has not been revived yet. Now,
Princess Fuoco Callista Adorabilis, the gate to the Raimazon has been opened. Now you shall be on your way to fulfill your destiny and save the world...”

Ylisfar vanished. Yet a gap appeared on the bark of the oak tree. Inside the hole, Fuu’s destiny was
waiting for her...

The gap grew bigger and bigger, it was shining very brightly, inviting Fuu to go in. This must be a dream. Fuu thought, if
I enter this door, I’ll be awake at home...

With that consideration in mind,
Fuu entered the hole on the tree. Once she was inside, the gap was closed and
no one would ever be able to open it again.

(To be continue)

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Re: Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

Post  Fuko on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:08 pm

The Fate

Voice of the songbirds had awakened the girl lying on the grass. Fuu slowly regained her consciousness; her eyes caught a glimpse of bright light. She tried to adjust herself to the light as if she had been in darkness for a long time. Fuu had never been in this place before, she just knew it. The fresh air, the fragrant flowers, the atmosphere... They did not belong to anywhere in the real world...

When Fuu sat herself up, she realized that a woman had been staring at her.

That woman was very unfamiliar. She had sky-blue hair blown by the gentle wind and blue eyes as deep as the ocean looking at Fuu full of concern.

“?” that woman asked Fuu with a language she could not recognize. Even so, it’s easy for Fuu to understand her. Based on the situation, that woman must be asking about Fuu’s condition, but Fuu still put on questioning expression, wanted to be 100% sure.

Fuu examined the stranger from top to toe. The more examined, the more she looked strange. She was dressed in catholic nun robe, but the color was blue instead of black and white. ‘Who could she be?’ Fuu’s mind wondered.

“” the woman asked again.

“Sorry, but I don’t understand what you are saying,” Fuu replied.

This time, the lady was the one who was puzzled. Anyway, she could get the point that Fuu and she spoke in different language. Using gesture, the woman had Fuu walk after her. Fuu followed and the two of them walked through a gate into a beautiful village. Fuu saw some strange carving on the gate, but she was sure that the carving formed a sentence.

“” the woman called for Fuu. Fuu quickly ran after her. She realized that she should not let anything distract her or she would lose her way.

On the way, Fuu noticed that everybody in that village bowed down for a moment as the strange woman passed by and children somehow seemed to be dazzled by her. Who is she? She must be someone important in this village, a princess maybe?

After seeing people’s respect to that stranger, Fuu could imagine that she was led to the biggest house in that village, but the woman brought her to a small hut instead. The woman instructed Fuu to go inside. Fuu entered and the woman followed her before closing the door.

The woman had Fuu sit on an old chair beside another old big round table. The room was not as small as it seemed from outside. In fact, it was rather big. There were four bookshelves on the corner of the room, a single bed besides a medium-sized wooden shelf, a neglected fireplace, a door, and a glass shelf. The woman was searching something in the glass shelf. Fuu was interested in the fireplace, but the woman stopped her from examining it further. She gave Fuu a bottle filled with purple liquid.

“What’s this?” asked Fuu, forgetting that the woman could not understand any ‘general’ language. The woman tried to tell Fuu to drink the liquid. Although feeling suspicious, Fuu drank it anyway. The taste was unexpectedly nice, Fuu somehow felt bad that she drank up all so quickly. After a moment, Fuu suddenly felt her throat burning and her head spinning. Fuu turned to the woman who was looking at her with curiosity.

“Strange, the effect should have not been this way...,” Fuu did not know what was happening, but in an instance, she could understand what the woman was saying!

“What effect are you talking about? My throat’s burning!” Fuu scolded at that woman, but the woman ignored Fuu. She excitedly jumped. She pulled Fuu and danced with her around the room.

“Hey! Stop it! My throat still hurts, you know! Do something!”

Finally, the woman stopped. She smiled to Fuu and said, “I’m sorry, I’m just so happy that my potion works well...”

The woman returned to her glass shelf and took another bottle. This one was rainbow-colored, “Here, drink this! It will make you feel better!”

Fuu tried to be more cautious and asked that woman, “What’s this?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just ordinary water!”

Water? Was water this colorful?

A drop of that ‘water’ almost dripped into Fuu’s mouth when she heard a man’s shout, “Don’t drink it!”

A tan young man rushed into the hut and replaced the bottle on Fuu’s hand with a different bottle. This one was filled with clear liquid, “This one IS 100% pure water, fresh from the finest spring in Alpinus mountain range, the price is five koru!” said that man as if he was a professional salesman.

Fuu examined the bottle in her hand. This ‘seemed’ like water... Fuu smelled it before drank it up.

“Jack! Why did you do that? She is my guest!” said the woman.
“She may be your guest, but you should not use her as experiment object for your potions! Look what you have done to her hair; it was black a moment ago!”

Listening to that man, Fuu checked her hair. The blackness of her hair had faded to silver...

“Aaargh!!! My beautiful black hair!!!” Fuu screamed. She was shocked that her hair now looked like a seventy-year-old woman’s hair.

“I feel sorry for you,” said that tan guy, “You should thank me that I stop you before drinking the rainbow-colored potion, nobody knows what would happen if you drink it. I rushed here once I heard that B.B. brought in a stranger, it’s very dangerous if you let her look after ignorant passer-by...”

“Why?” asked Fuu.

“You...,” the man seemed surprised, “Don’t you recognize B.B.?” he pointed at the blue-haired woman.

“I just know her name when you mentioned it...”

“Why the hell did you dare to follow her?”

“Because I somehow felt that she was a kind person and intended to help me,” Fuu simply answered.

“Hey, little girl,” that man stared at Fuu, “Have you never heard the saying ‘Never go with a stranger’?”

“I have.”

“Then why did you still follow her and drink the potion she gave you?”

“I don’t know,” Fuu smiled.

“Oh my God!” that man messed up his crimson hair, “Since you are a guest in this village, I should let you know the important things. I am Jack, one of the chief of this village, and she is...,” Jack pointed at the blue-haired girl, “She is Baby Blue, the priestess of water and the guardian of this village.”

Fuu could not get the point. Why did Jack seem so angry at the blue-haired woman if she was the guardian of his village?

“...And accepting any drink from her house, especially those that come out from that shelf,” now Jack was pointing at the glass shelf, “...is forbidden! Why is it forbidden? Because nobody knows what would happen to you if you drink her potions!”
“Jack! Stop badmouthing me!” B.B. hit Jack’s head, “Hello! The name’s Baby Blue! You can just call me B.B., by the way, what’s your name? Where do you come from?”

“Fuoco Callista, call me Fuu. I’m an Indonesian, from Jakarta.”



“On what island are those places?”

What’s with these people? Fuu thought to herself. Well, at least Fuu now knew that she was no longer in her mother country. If she thought that both B.B. and Jack were talking in Indonesian, actually Fuu was the one who spoke in their language.

“Oh, I don’t know how to explain this,” said Fuu, “Would you please tell me where this is?”

“Felbergh Village, Easternia Isla, Raimazon. People call this village the village of water since the priestess of water lives here.”

Raimazon! It was the name mentioned by the mysterious woman—Ylisfar—when she said about the parallel world! Therefore, this was truly another world...

“What’s wrong, Fuu?” asked B.B.

“...I’ve just realized that I’ve come from another world...”


Fuu slowly opened her heavy eyes. She could see fading image of an oil lamp floating above her. She looked around confusedly.

It was clear that she was no longer at the forest near Felbergh Village. She was now in a small wooden room. She was sitting on dry, rough straw that started hurting her smooth skin. She could hear the noise from outside. It must be the noise from a big crowd, like in a marketplace.

Fuu tried to stand herself up. She realized that her jeans were a bit ripped here and there when she tried to clean it from straw and dust. Her shabby T-shirt was now shabbier than it used to be.

Suddenly, a rectangle hole as tall as Fuu’s height opened up before her. The man who called himself Brim showed up and dragged Fuu out. She was brought to an arrogant-looked woman.

“What’s this, Brim?” asked the woman with high, loud voice, “Where is your best slave stock?”

“She is the only one left! I need to look for more people to add my stock!” it seemed that Brim was insulted by that woman.

“...But she is so dirty, and looks like a fool too,” that woman examined Fuu with underestimating look.

“Five thousand koru, take her or leave her!” Brim seemed to be losing his patience.

Brim and that woman were having bargaining conversation now. Fuu was confused; there was nothing to be sold there. What was bargained by these two people? She was too sleepy to understand the situation at once. SHE was the one who was sold.

That woman examined Fuu once more and sighed with disappointment. She unwillingly took out a bag filled with gold and gave it to Brim. Brim counted to gold inside the bag for a second before pushing Fuu towards the woman, “She is yours now!” then he walked away.

Fuu—still could not believe her current condition—willingly let the woman pulled her up.

“Hey, idiot! Walk! My son is waiting for me now, I should cook dinner for him—no—YOU should cook the dinner! We should return before dark!” the woman scolded Fuu and walked away.

“Why should I do what you tell me to?!” Fuu scolded back, she could not accept being ordered like that.

“Because I have bought you, dumb ass! Walk quickly or you won’t have your supper!” scolded the woman angrily.

Fuu walked behind the woman, still could not accept what was happening. Three weeks ago, she was claimed as a princess—and a hero too—but now she was ordered around as a slave, and that woman even called her dumb ass! ‘I’m not stupid, you hag! I’m the best student at my high school, and I am the youngest and the smartest in UI medical faculty!’ Fuu grumbled in her heart.

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Re: Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

Post  Fuko on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:12 pm

Call Me Unlucky! Or Maybe Call Me Lucky?

Ao Godhath was busy with his books when he heard the front door opened and closed. It’s no need to check who was coming. The sound of shoe heels and the gown tip touching the floor, it must be his mother, and Ao had been listening to that sound everyday. This time was different; there was another sound, sound of lazy, dragged steps.

Ao closed his book and tried to listen more intensely. Instead of getting clearer sound of the steps, Ao heard the soft knock on his room door, caught up with her mother’s voice—which was one octave higher whenever she was happy—calling for him.

Ao lazily stood up and opened the door to find out what his mother wanted.

“Ao honey, look, she is our new slave,” said Mrs. Godhath, pointing at a shabby, thin girl standing beside her—Fuu.

“Look after him, idiot! My son Ao will also be your master from now on! Moreover, since I’m not a cruel mistress, I’m letting you rest for today. There is your room, below the stairs,” Mrs. Godhath pointed at the stairs that led to the basement where Ao usually threw away the books that no longer interested him.

Mrs. Godhath returned to her beloved son, “Nah, dear, if you need anything, just have her do it, okay!” Mrs. Godhath smiled at Ao.

Ao looked at Fuu from head to toe. This dirty girl was wearing strange clothes that was too big for her with strange, unreadable writing (It’s ‘No Fear’, can’t he even read?). The pants she was wearing was made from a kind of sack (It’s jeans! Jeans!) And her shoes seemed to be made of rather thick leather with tidily tied ropes (He was even more stupid than his slave, he didn’t even know what sport shoes are)

Her eye color also didn’t suit her hair. Silver-haired people usually had red, green, or blue eyes, but this girl’s eyes were black. Black eyes were very rare, and Ao had never seen a silver-haired person having black eyes like hers.

Weird combination, very weird...

Ao stared at Fuu for a while before returning to his desk, reopening his book. He still had to study the history of Cirdaris before leaving for Pinakoal Collagum three months later.

“Oh, look at my son! He was studying seriously. You won’t be able to resist such thick books!” Mrs. Godhath screamed with her unique yet annoying voice, trying to insult Fuu. ‘Yes, I won’t be able to resist from reading those books!’ Fuu thought.

Ao was annoyed by her mother’s noise that he glared to her. Mrs. Godhath left, Fuu stayed—staring on Ao’s book.

Now Ao was glaring at Fuu. He was insulted; she did not look at him with any respect. At the beginning, Ao wanted to ask Fuu’s name, but he did not do so. Fuu was his slave anyway; he had the right to call her however he liked. Finally, Ao completely ignored Fuu and returned to his book.

Fuu also did not care about Ao. She suddenly thought of her ‘room’, thus walking down the stairs to the basement. Fuu’s eyes glimmered with eyes; her new room was filled with even MORE books than in B.B.’s house! She found a nice position for herself and started reading.

Ao had learnt his books for a few hours now, so he closed the books and started to ask question to himself just to see how much he could get from his study, “So, where is Pinakoal Collagum?”

It was the easiest and most basic question, but Ao seemed to have forgotten about it. Ao looked for the answer in his book, but he could not find it. Yeah, I’ve thrown the book about Pinakoal Collagum into the basement, Ao thought. However, now the basement belonged to the new slave.

Ao snorted—annoyed—as he walked his way to the stairs to the basement. There he stamped his feet to the wooden floor several times, calling, “Hey slave!”

There was no reply.

Ao hit the floor harder right on the spot above the basement. The thick dust that piled up on the basement ceiling rained down on Fuu, “Hey, stupid! If your master is calling you, come up quick! You can’t just stay silent, you bump!” Ao scolded—fed up by Fuu’s ignorance.

Fuu was very annoyed, she pounded her feet as she walked up. Fuu looked dirtier than ever for the dust that fell when Ao hit the floor just now. Fuu put her hands on her waist.

“What do you want?” Fuu asked, but it sounded more like grumble.

Ao’s left eyebrow went up, “Haven’t you ever taught about manners? Well, I should not hope much from a lowly slave like you,” Ao sounded underestimating, “Give me the book about Pinakoal Collagum, NOW!”

“No way! I’m reading it!” Fuu scolded back and tried to return to his room, bout Ao’s demand would not let her.

Ao could not keep himself patient. He kicked Fuu’s back and scolded more loudly, “SLAVE! Bring me my book or my mom would give you one thousand slashes and let you die of hunger!”

Ao succeeded. Fuu stopped and turned to him, “Okay, you tyrannical boy! Tell me what you want to know from the book!” Fuu sounded angrier than before.

“Hah, like you can answer it!” Ao underestimated that girl and started to walk away.

“Wanna bet on it?” Fuu challenged Ao.

“Huh? You’re pretty confident, aren’t you?” Ao stopped, “Now tell me where Pinakoal Collagum is! Bet you don’t know.”

Fuu sighed, disappointed. Ao’s question was excessively easy for her, “Don’t you have any harder question? It’s not exciting!” Fuu lifted her shoulder, “Well, Pinakoal Collagum is the academy in Pinakoal City, the capital city of Cirdaris which lays at the northeastern part of Easternia Isla, to the northeast of this village.”

Ao was surprised. He had never imagined that Fuu would be able to answer his question. He was more furious after seeing Fuu’s arrogant look. He threw another question, “What is Pinakoal Collagum?”

“It’s an academy that teaches people who are naturally potential to be Knightria and Alchemiten who would become part of royal army of any of the three kingdoms in Raimazon.”

“What do Knightria and Alchemiten do?” This time Ao was one hundred percent sure that Fuu would not be able to answer. There’s no slave that had enough intelligence to know about the real task of Knightria and Alchemiten.

“Alchemiten has the intelligence and concentration to cast tons of powerful spells—both defensive and offensive—and has the speed to avoid attacks. Knightria are pure fighters, they may casts spells, but they have stronger physical attacks and techniques plus invulnerable defense. Their agility helps them to overcome their slow moves. Well, Knightria aren’t supposed to think much since they have enough strength by combining physical attack and magic while Alchemiten only rely on strategy. That makes Knightria sometimes can be better than Alchemiten...,” Fuu smiled as she concluded her answer.

B.B. was the one who taught her with all those things. She told Fuu that Ylisfar had blessed her with the power of ultimate Knightria ever since she was born. Knightria were often said better than Alchemiten, which made her proud. Too bad that she didn’t get the chance to polish up her skill at Pinakoal Collagum, thanks to this stupid slavery. B.B. must be disappointed since she had enrolled Fuu’s name to the college...

It was clear on his face that Ao wasn’t happy listening to Fuu’s answer, not only because Fuu was correct, but also because Fuu said that Knightria is better than Alchemiten. Ao was born an Alchemiten! He searched his brain for an even harder question, “It seems that you are rather clever for your caste, aren’t you?” said Ao, “Let’s leave Cirdaris and Pinakoal Collagum. Have you ever heard about Memoria?”

Fuu groaned. Then she put on calm expression and nodded.

Seeing Fuu groaned, Ao smiled, “Tell me the names of the last king and queen of Memoria!”

“Queen Fayeth Callista and Praemico Adorabilis,” my own parents! Fuu added in mind.

“...And the princess?”

“Bah,” Fuu didn’t like this question, “Princess Fuoco Callista Adorabilis!” it was hard for Fuu to keep herself from saying It’s me myself!

“Nah, what about this? Are they still alive?”

This time Fuu really wished she could kill Ao. Not because he treated her like a slave, but Fuu hated every ‘stranger’ who talked about her parents, “That’s not a question!”

“Why won’t we speculate about it? Are they alive? If the legend were true, then the princess would return to this land, sealing Troj and lead her kingdom...,” Ao made an effort in humiliating Fuu through his eyes.

Fuu stared back angrily. The rage in her black eyes, it was not for having an annoying master like Ao. It was about something different, something that she could not tell to others. Only she knew how it felt when people who knew nothing bragged about her family...

“Okay!” Fuu lifted up her head arrogantly, fed up with Ao’s words, “I’m betting on it, the king and queen are dead, but their daughter will return alive!” Fuu said, promising in his heart that once she could prove herself princess, she would definitely make the situation change, she would be master and Ao would be her slave.

“Wow, never thought that you would be that confident!” Ao laughed. To him, Memoria was a mere fairytale. He didn’t even believe in The Creation, didn’t believe in Ylisfar and Troj.

“If I win, I want my freedom!” Fuu exclaimed.

“Okay, what would I get if I win?”

“...I’ll call you ‘master’...,” Fuu said surely. Even if she lost the bet, she would have been dead to call Ao ‘Master’.

Ao made a sour expression on his face, “You are obliged to do that!”

“Even if I got one hundred thousand slashes, I WILL never call you ‘Master’!” Fuu walked away elegantly downstairs, showing her true nature as the Princess of Memoria.

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Re: Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

Post  Stardale on Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:18 am

Wow! Tis an awesome work! Nice job Fuko! Hope you would continue.... Smile

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Re: Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

Post  Fuko on Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:24 am

this work will continue, I'm asking C4123n from sfg to translete my work so it need a lot of time hehehe. The original work had reach 117 page in Indonesian language, wonder if it will stay long here hehehe.

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Re: Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

Post  Speedy on Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:39 pm

The story is awesome!! Waiting for an update Very Happy :3

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Re: Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

Post  Fuko on Thu Mar 19, 2009 5:37 am

*Run to my novel translator and ask for more translation*
This is her answer:
c123n: I've got so many exam and I even got a remedial test before so I have to study hard! I'll done the work later. . ., just wait!

But don't worry, it won't be long, she's working on it now, since she had pass the test and so do I! hehehe Very Happy

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Re: Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

Post  Fuko on Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:28 am

Alright Update here!!!!


“Come over quickly, foolish slave!” Mrs. Godhath called with her eight-octave-higher-than-normal voice, waking Fuu from her dream. Fuu had been having nightmares recently. She could not remember it exactly, but tears over flew from her eyes every time she woke up.

Being a slave in Godhath family was not so tough; the problem was just Mrs. Godhath. She made Fuu Ao’s slave too—who was the most annoying boy in the world. Fuu wiped out her tears and ran to get her mistress’ call.

Slave works could not be underestimated, though. She should see her master ASAP, do her chores perfectly, and let herself sleep in hunger. She could sleep, however, since she was too tired to stay up. In addition to the hard work, her mistress’ son was always acting like a jerk and making troubles for her. It’s hard for Fuu to keep herself from hitting Ao with her fists, pan, or broomsticks.

Well, what could Fuu do? She only knew Raimazon through the books; she barely knew anything about the real world. Even if she managed to escape from the Godhath manor, where should she go? Her position now was at the Easternia Isla while Felbergh Village—the only place that would give her comfort since B.B. and Jack were always there—laid on Westernia Isla. Moreover, Fuu did not have any cent of Raimazon money. She’s hopeless; there was no moneychanger in Raimazon...

That was why Fuu chose to stay as a slave, only for a bit of bread and a place to sleep.

Mrs. Godhath stared at Fuu angrily, “Spidara are all over the house! Go, slave! Wipe out all Spidara in the shed!”

Fuu really hated her mission. Spidara was a creature similar to rat, but it had eight legs similar to spiders. Those legs made Spidara twice as agile as ordinary rat. Even so, catching those disgusting creatures were not hard work for Fuu. Responding to her master only had trained her speed a lot. She was also used to wiping out Spidara ever since she started working for Godhath family. She doubted it, but maybe her Knightria ability helped her too.

Fuu killed all the Spidara and tidy up the messy shed in only a few hours. Now she even thought of asking Mrs. Godhath’s permission to sleep in the shed. Actually she liked her current room pretty well since she could get free books whenever Ao finished reading it, but the dust were the real problem. Ao really loved to stamp his feet on the floor right above the basement, making the thick layer of dust that slept on the ceiling fell down over Fuu. Every time it happened, dirty Fuu would become twice even dirtier...

After making sure that her work was perfect, Fuu returned to the main house to report to Mrs. Godhath. Seeing her sour face, Fuu understood that Mrs. Godhath would not even care about Fuu’s excellent work.

“Go find Ao, NOW! He should prepare himself for tomorrow! He is going to Pinakoal Collagum and he can’t leave without preparation!”

Fuu disliked everything connected to Ao, but Mrs. Godhath scolded her before she could complain. Therefore, Fuu unwillingly ran out to get Ao. It’s not hard to find him; he always hanged out with his friends—who were as annoying and arrogant as Ao—on the field to the south of the village.

Ao and his group were so annoying. They always make fun of Fuu. Fuu could remember the first time she needed to approach those people; they killed Fuu’s precious time to find stupid nickname for her. Until now, Fuu never went closer to them than 100 m distance.

“Ao! Your mother wants you home, NOW!” Fuu exclaimed from afar. She stressed her tone on the word ‘now’ just like Mrs. Godhath stressed it to her.

The green-haired boy glared at Fuu with his eagle eyes, which were completely ignored by that girl. This time, Ao’s friends also realized Fuu’s presence.

“Hey, Ao! Doggie still doesn’t call you ‘master’, does she? You are too kind on her. If I were you, I would have presented her with one thousand slashes!” one of Ao’s friends said to Ao while glaring at Fuu with humiliating look.

“’Master’ nickname is not cool anymore!” said the other one, “Hey, Ao! Tell me I need to wear glasses. How come she still wears bracelet and ring?”

Fuu had been forgetting the ring and bracelet on her right hand for ages. The ring was given by B.B., she could remember it. Even so, she didn’t want to bother himself to remember the jerk that put on the bracelet on her hand as he took away her freedom.

Ao looked at the bracelet and the ring for half a second before he snorted, “We could not put those things off of her hands unless we cut off her hand. My mother didn’t even bother doing it; she didn’t want anything slowing down her slave’s work.”

“Why don’t you just destroy those things? They do not worth any cent,” said the other friend of Ao’s. His suggestion sounded more like humiliation.

Even so, it seemed that Ao took it as a suggestion. He was now looking at Fuu’s right hand with curiosity.

Feeling that something bad would happen, Fuu did her best to leave, “I-I’ve told you what your mother said, whether you are considering it or not, I don’t care! I’m going back now.”
Fuu was unlucky. Ao caught her right hand before she could walk far enough. Ao examined Fuu’s bracelet and ring more intensely. Then he nodded, “Yeah, what should you do if you have the power of an Alchemiten?”

“Use it, of course!” Ao’s friends provoked him, “Just do it, Ao!”

“Don’t be stupid, Ao! You can’t use your power before you are a legal student at Pinakoal Collagum!” Fuu reminded Ao.

“Hey, guys! This slave is trying to lecture me! Ha ha ha...,” Ao laughed at Fuu. His friends laughed too.

“Ao! Don’t you dare...”

“Whoa! Look who is talking! The Doggie is blackmailing me! WOW!” Ao laughed even harder, trying to piss Fuu off, “Let me show you who the boss is!”

“...Destroying one or two unimportant stuff won’t throw me into trouble anyway, so you’d better watch your mouth...”

Ao rudely pull Fuu’s arm and touch the ring and the bracelet. He coldly stared on it and smiled underestimating. He strengthened his clutch and the bracelet broke to pieces, leaving bleeding scratches on Fuu’s hand. Even though Ao managed to destroy to bracelet, he could do no harm to the ring. It was still on its place, on Fuu’s forefinger, without any scratch.

Ao concentrated and attempted to destroy the ring once more, but nothing happened. Although he had caused a lot of damage to Fuu’s hand, the ring was still a whole.

The finger where the aqua ring was on started to show weird marks that looked like ancient relief that crept further on Fuu’s hand.

Fuu pulled her hand back when those scratches started bleeding. She glared on Ao, “I hope you go back home straight away since I’ll be pitying on you when your mother lectures you when you’re back!” and She walked away.

Fuu ignored Ao’s expression at that time. Both of them knew well that Ao’s friends would make fun of him after failing to destroy Fuu’s ring, but she cared less about it. Finding a way to cure her wound and save it from infection is more important. She was sure that disinfectant did not exist in such laid-back world.

“Where IS my son?” Mrs. Godhath asked with unfriendly expression. Fuu did not even look at her mistress’s face, but she could tell from her voice that Mrs. Godhath was agonized.

“He said he’ll be back soon!” Fuu replied rudely without even thinking. She had no intention to talk more politely although Mrs. Godhath might pull her hair for her indifferent attitude. She was still worrying about her hurt hand when Mrs. Godhath said nothing and walked away from her. Fuu went straight to the nearest spring and washed her wounds before covering it.

While she was busy covering her hand with a piece of cloth, her memory flew to the dream she had. She could never remember it precisely. When she saw the ring B.B. gave her around her finger, she sighed. She should still remember that she was the princess of Memoria and she had the duty to seal Troj’s power—the abandoned god—while she was now convicted in her role as a slave who could not go anywhere.


Fuu lazily woke up. Everything was still the same as yesterday. Ao’s unused books were everywhere and the dust over those stuffs remained. The wound Ao left was still wet and showed no sign of getting better soon enough.

Even so, a good thing would happen today. This was the day when Ao would leave for Pinakoal Collagum, which meant that he could not disturb Fuu for a very long time. Fuu was very happy that her disappointment for being unable to go to the college was forgotten. Her joy that filled her heart today made her mistress wondered when she saw Fuu smiled by herself. It did not remain for long since Mrs. Godhath’s face changed in a second. She looked at Fuu as if she was a cat who had just eaten her dearest pet gold fish.

“Hey, dumb ass! Go find Ao NOW! Drag him along if needed!” Mrs. Godhath’s scold withered the flowers in Fuu’s heart. Fuu sighed and unwillingly dragged her feet as she walked away from Mrs. Godhath. Her attitude enraged her mistress.

“STOP DRAGGING YOUR FEET YOU SHITTY STUPID SLAVE! DO WHAT I TOLD YOU TO DO NOW! I WANT TO SEE MY SON IN FIVE MINUTES!” Mrs. Godhath’s scream made Fuu ran out of the house like when she was chased by demons. She went right away to the field where Ao usually hung out.

Fuu had found Ao on her way to the field. She saw him fighting with his friends who made fun of him yesterday in front of the baker’s store. The view stopped her for a while. She had never ever saw Ao fought his friends so what she was seeing made her wonder.

“I know I’m right! You do love your slave! You never kick her ass off even once when she called you by name while you punched me only for this petty matter, that’s the proof!” one of Ao’s friend tried to defend himself. Now Fuu could understand the problem here, she wanted to say something about it but she could not help smiling when Ao hit the boy’s face. He said Ao never hit her. Wasn’t this entire stupid wound enough? She knew there was no way Ao would like her and she would never like him either.

Ao was more enraged and the quarrel grew into a ferocious fight in no time. Fuu watched them for a while and was impressed by Ao’s face when he was fighting. She was truly impressed, but she threw away that thought and reminded herself of what she was going to do at first.

“Ao! Your mother wants you home, NOW!” Fuu imitated Mrs. Godhath intonation when she said the word now. Ao ignored her.

Fuu was displeased; she also realized that Ao would never listen to her, so she did what she was commanded to do. Fuu dragged Ao’s hand, letting a punch hit his beautiful face hard. Ao fell to the ground.

This was getting weird. Fuu was impressed and tickled at one time as she saw Ao’s broken face. She held her hand towards Ao, offering help.

Ao roughly pushed away Fuu’s hand and stood up with his own strange. He finished the game with one hard blow that scared the people around. His friends ran away leaving Fuu and Ao alone. Ao pushed Fuu to the wall, his eyes blazed with fiery glare. An ice sword was formed and he drew it towards Fuu.

Fuu looked at the sword with disbelief. She could tell from Ao’s eyes that he was going to slash her to pieces. Fuu shut her face with fear when Ao lifted his sword with two hands. Yet she never felt the slash. She felt her hands move on themselves in fast speed and she heard the sound of two swords hitting against each other.

Slowly but surely, Fuu opened her eyes. Right at that time, a sight passed through her mind.

Fuu was alone in a familiar place. Enthusiastic people stared on a stage in the room.

Ylisfar the Goddess of Light stood elegantly on the stage. In her arms was a baby under white cloth embroidered with golden ancient relief. Behind Ylisfar were the parents of the baby, smiling brightly.

“Fuoco Callista Adorabilis, daughter to Praemico Adorabilis and Fayeth Callista, I bestow on you my blessing of the Golden Knightria, the Legendary Knightria, the Knight of all knights!” Ylisfar certainly exclaimed as she lifted the baby to the air. Golden rays shone on her. Everyone saluted to his or her goddess and future queen with big applause.

Suddenly, bright, blinding right threw Fuu back to the real world. She found herself holding the sword that was pushing against Ao’s icicle.

“Where do you get the sword?!” Ao hissed with disbelief.

Fuu was as confused as Ao. She opened her mouth, but she knew not what to reply to the curious query from the young man before her.
“Ryuqua!” someone exclaimed in a soothing voice. Both Fuu and Ao turned to the man who had just talked, noting his charmed expression.

It was a young man with oriental face. His hair was dark blue and his eyes were pleasantly looking at Fuu and Ao. Fuu judged from his fashion that this man was no ordinary man.

“Who are you?” Fuu and Ao asked at the same time.

The foreign guy smiled and shook his head as he examined the two youths. He calmly touched Ao’s icicle with two fingers. The ice sword broke into pieces at once while Fuu’s suddenly transformed into Chinese dragon-shaped water that whirled elegantly around her hand before disappearing into aqua ring on her forefinger.

The blue-haired young man smiled hospitably to astonished Fuu before turning to Ao.

“If I’m not mistaken, you are Ao Godhath, right?” he asked before holding his hand towards Ao, “Let me introduce myself, I am Shan Ruu Remz, you can call me Remz. I will be taking care of your affairs once you are at Pinakoal Collagum, in other words, I am your guardian.”

Ao froze on the spot. Remz’s words meant trouble. He had just done an attack to a civilian using his power right before his guardian. This could be interpreted into, “Goodbye Pinakoal Collagum.”

Unlike Ao, Remz was very calm. He walked towards Fuu and smiled meaningfully.

“Ryuqua isn’t ordinary sword that can be used by ordinary Knightria, your blessing must have been something special,” Remz said, “If you are willing, would you please tell me your name,” he politely asked in the same soothing voice.

“She is nameless!” Ao emotionally hissed, “She is just a slave, a slave does not have name!”

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Re: Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

Post  Fuko on Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:29 am

Remz coldly stared at Ao, his eyes sharpened, “I was not talking to you, Mr. Godhath. I still need to make a report on what you have done just now and send it to the headmaster. If you trouble me even further, I’ll tell him that you are still not ready to attend Pinakoal Collagum yet.”

Ao was silenced. Remz returned to Fuu, “Now can I have your name?”

Fuu looked at Remz with doubt. The last time she said her full name, she ended up as a slave in this annoying village.

Even so, she realized that the young man in front of her is different. He came from Pinakoal Collagum and Fuu was sure that B.B. had enrolled her long before she was kidnapped and found herself interested.

“I’ve told you, she has no name!” Ao persisted. He did not want his guardian gave more attention to his slave. It was useless. It only enraged Fuu, pushing her to act. She found it was the only chance to be free from being slave.

“I am Fuoco Callista Adorabilis, Fuu for short. Although I know no one will believe me, but I’m telling the truth. I am the real daughter of King Praemico Adorabilis and Queen Fayeth Callista of the Kingdom of Memoria. I am the true crown princess of Memoria, the lost kingdom!” Fuu surely spoke with rightful voice.

Remz smiled, satisfied. Ao was surprised.

“You lie!”

Remz only shook his head and laughed hard, “It may be nonsense, but it was the answer I have expected!”

Ao and Fuu looked at Remz with disbelief. “You believe me!”

Remz seemed to be unable to help himself from laughing, but he regained control soon enough to speak up, he patted Fuu’s back, “Your assignment letter arrived three months ago and another letter came a few weeks later. The letter said that you are lost and begged the college to find you.

“The person who sent us your assignment letter also told us that you were lost with the Ryuqua ring given to you. Even though you might have stolen the sword, but your sword-wielding skill was real.

“...And I would be very disappointed if you were another person...,” Remz smiled as he explained what he knew to Fuu.

Fuu was surprised for a second. She didn’t know what to say. She was very thankful to B.B. for the letter and the ring she gave to her, but now she doubted about what to do. Should she return to Felbergh Village or follow Remz to Pinakoal?

“You’re joking!” Ao exclaimed, fed up, “This slave can’t be a princess! There must be a mistake! How dare she admit for being a princess...?

“She is just a slave! She is just a slave sold by her parents for money; she can’t be noble-blooded!

“Watch your attitude, Mr. Godhath!” Remz warned Ao. Ao was silenced again.

“So, Miss Adorabilis, can you give me a proof that you are truly the princess of Memoria?” Remz kindly asked, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I need some solid proof for my report.”

Fuu became sad, she shook her head, “If only I could...,” she murmured before lifting her head. She looked into Remz with the pair of black irises of hers, “The only person who stated that I was the princess was Baby Blue, and maybe if you can bring me to her, she can do something!” Fuu said hopefully.

“Baby Blue? Who and where is this person?”

“She is the Priestess of Water that lives in Felbergh Village, Westernia Isla. She gave me this sword and she explains to me the blessings I have!” Fuu responded enthusiastically. At least if she couldn’t go to Pinakoal Collagum, Remz might be kind to her and brought her to B.B.’s place.

“The priestess of Felbergh Village of Water and Ryuqua! Oh my God, you must have met one of The Goddess’s children!” Remz exclaimed.

Fuu tried to describe the moment when B.B. ascertained her nature as the princess of Memoria, “She touched my forehead and closed her eyes for a few moment...”

Remz smiled and touched her forehead.

“Yeah..., I can see it too...,” Remz murmured, “I can’t be wrong, you are the Princess of Memoria. This kind of blessing is bestowed to only one person in the whole world,” Remz certainly spoke and opened his eyes. After that, Remz talked to Ao, his smile was full of spirit, “Mr. Godhath, I think I need to talk to your mother in person now.”

“What is your plan?” Ao rudely asked.

“I only need to talk about the procedure for this princess’s freedom.”

“Are you setting me free?”

“Of course! I’ll be fired if I brought you to Pinakoal Collagum when you are still a slave!” Remz said with teasing tone.


The Beginning of the Cursed Journey

“Unio!” Troj’s voice echoed in the castle of darkness.

Unio rushed to see his master. He knelt before the altar at once. The black fire on the altar grew even more ferocious, showing the bad feeling the master was having.

“What do you need, my Lord?” Unio nervously asked. This was the first time his master talked to him directly. He used to deliver his command through his son Diamond, and even talking to Diamond was thrilling.

“The bracelet has broken!” the fire hissed with rage, “The bracelet that should have sealed her power is destroyed and I’ve just realized it when she was in her training..., her power has aroused and it endangers us! Kill her right away!” the fire commanded in his mighty voice.

“Wait, Father!” Diamond that was just blankly stared on the altar and sat on his throne interrupted his father.

“Do you have anything to say, my son?” Troj hissed as he sharply glared on Diamond.

“Yes, Father, I do have another option to overcome the power of that cursed child,” Diamond said, his tone was emotionless as ever.

“Hold the attack, Unio! Listen to my son!” Troj commanded in response, stopping Unio from advancing forward.

“Speak up, my son,” Troj said with calmer intonation.

“Father, as we know, this girl has amazing power, and with the blessing bestowed by Mother Ylisfar, her power might be equal to mine. That’s why, Father, if she is trained a little, she might even surpasses me. That is the reason why Father wanted her to be deleted, am I right?”

“Accurate as always, Diamond my son! Both of us know it, that’s why we can’t let her live any longer.”

“No, Father! That’s not the way,” Diamond stopped for a moment to identify his father’s response. Troj did nothing as if he was asking Diamond to elaborate more, “Can Father see the possibility that she might benefit us?” said Diamond, tempting, “She will be invincible if Father might be willing to bless her. If so, even Mother Ylisfar can be defeated! Drew her to our side, Father, and victory will be ours and Father will regain Father’s freedom!”

“What do you mean, Diamond?”

“Let me descend to the world, Father! I shall brought her to our side and she will not only remove the seal that has been holding Father from fresh air for centuries, but she also might defeat Mother for us!”

“No, Diamond! I don’t give you the permission to descend to the earth!” Troj exclaimed, his fire glazed, “No, at least not now...”

(To Be Continue)

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Re: Raimazon~The Oath of Exiled Princess~

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